Speaking Engagements

I am available for speaking engagements to discuss on the following topics: climate diplomacy, climate security, risk and resilience, climate justice, feminist foreign policy, intersectionality, diversity equity and inclusion in the European Union, NATO, the United States, Central and Eastern Europe. 

Atlantic Forum Autumn Conference 2021: Beyond the Weather

Climate change and security are tightly interconnected. The organisations that are responsible for security have to reconsider what security is in a climate disrupted world and re-equip accordingly. Mainly, adapt staffing, resources, and potential operations and missions to the security risks coming from climate change. That said, one has to move beyond a reactive posture to climate security towards preventative action, while ensuring that response to climate change is not militarised.

Healthcare not Warfare:
it's time to reframe security

The concept of security is changing. It is not only anymore about traditional security but also human security that ensures safe climate, health, financial stability. Human security is the core of feminist foreign policy. In order to ensure human security - feminist foreign policy focuses on three Rs: rights, representation and resources. 

#SHEcurity - Launch of 2021 Index

We need more diverse representation in security and foreign policy. However, reaching parity would not be enough to ensure a true inclusion and actual impact of women and marginalised groups. We need diverse perspectives and intersectional approach in foreign and security policy, which is the main focus of #SHEcurity 2021 report.